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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Fundamental human right can be described as the ability of an individual to express himself. 
It can also be described as the social influence the  state has on each citizen of a country.
fundamental human right is very important for any individual to live successfully in a particular country.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Social Influence

Social influence can be said to be ability of an individual to affect the society positively or negatively, it can also be said to be the impact of an individual or group of people in the society.
Social Tolerance: This is the ability of a person to adapt or adjust to the social trends in the society.
This so called social influence can be classified into two categories namely:
·         Positive Social Influence
·         Negative Social Influence
According to Educationists, there are two kinds of social behavioral attitudes;
·         Extroverts
·         Introverts
Going into details explaining these two behavioral attitudes is more than a day job. But for this article, we will just treat extroverts as people who find it easy to mingle with other people in the society, they are socially active people.
Introverts are more like people who keep to themselves; they find it hard mingling in the society.
Now, in relationship with social influence around us, extroverts being socially active people pick up every social trend around them. Without checks and balances, they tend to influence the society around them and go viral with whatever trends they have picked up with them. While the extroverts are flashing their new trends around, their (sit-at-home moms), i.e. the introverts just sit their and watch. These people are quite but they are not dumb, they may seem to be socially backward but they are not slow to learn or understand, they are usually naturally endowed with eagle eye security. If you called them social behavior filters you can't go wrong either, because that's what they do.
Now, because the extroverts are the ones in the limelight, they are usually very flashy when it comes to social influence but they actually don't call the shots. Because the introverts do, yes that’s why they are called social behavior filters.
Extroverts go out there and bring home all the social trends; they bring it home to the (sit-at-home moms ) who pick out the right from the wrong ones. This is usually the way things are, it is the normal natural social behavior cycle that keeps the society clean, free from social germs and contamination. This system has been in existence right from the beginning of mans social interaction.
So whether you are introvert or extrovert, you always have a role to play in our society and you have the ability to make it the paradise we all have always dreamed of.
                                                                         Yours Tutor,